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Ceramic Tradition since 1912

Our product range includes most commercial formats, with a production of ceramic biscuits with more than 600 references available to our customers. From 2 × 2 angles, tacos, borders, Trimmings, beveled, moldings, even up to emobossed of 30 × 60, both in smooth and rustic formats.

In addition we also offer the possibility of manufacturing exclusive products on demand. For more information about this custom made ceramic biscuit production service Contact me.

catálogo online de listelos disponibles en pasta roja y pasta blanca


Trimmings in White body and Red body

Molduras en pasta roja y pasta blanca para revestimiento de paredes


Mouldings in red body and white body

piezas de bizcocho cerámico disponibles en pasta roja y pasta blanca


White body Pieces and Red body Pieces

Relieves cerámicos de pasta blanca y pasta roja


Embossed white and red body