Hermanos Llansola, after four generations, is one of the leading companies in the production and sale of red body tile and white body .

Hermanos Llansola was founded around 1912 by José Llansola who, at that time, was engaged in the manual manufacture of tiles and bricks.

His son continued his work José Llansola Escrig also with the manufacture of tiles and bricks but already incorporating the Catalan tile in its production process.

José, Vicente and Juan Llansola Gil continued the work of their father and grandfather, improving the productive processes, and incorporating ceramic biscuit and leaving aside the production of tiles and bricks. At that time, the entire production process was carried out manually:

  • The raw material is made with the mixture of the corresponding soils to obtain the red body.
  • The ceramic biscuit was made with manual presses.
  • The baking of the biscuit was done with an Arab oven.

Later, the processes are improved with the incorporation of muffles and roller furnaces like the current ones.

In 1989, José, Vicente y Juan Llansola set up the modern company Hermanos Llansola S.L. and, continuing with the work and experience provided by its predecessors and incorporating technical improvements, they give way to the 4th generation.